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Sure everyone says, 'You gotta speak your customer's language and walk a mile in their shoes and also know their hopes and dreams so you can speak the transformation you deliver!'

And even though you nod along, inside  you're freaking out a little, wondering, 'How in the &*!^% do I even do that?'

This is how.

 The No-Sweat Guide to Nailing Customer Interviews!

The golden ticket to really understanding your customers? Face-to-face chats. Sounds intense - ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE JUST STARTING OUT.

That's why I'm sharing my 25 In-person Interview Questions...so you can  skip the overplayed advice about "walking a mile in their shoes and get the nitty gritty on what makes them tick...and buy.

This foolproof roadmap sets you up for real talks with real people with tand my top 25 questions that spark the kinds of conversations that reveal the core of your customers' needs, desires, and behaviors (which is very good for marketing).


  • Set up shop like a pro: I’ll show you how to arrange interviews without breaking a sweat or the bank. You’ll come off as the cool, collected entrepreneur everyone wants to chat with over a latte.
  • Ask questions that dig deep: With my 25 specially crafted questions, you’ll peel back the layers of your customers’ hopes and dreams, no just skim the surface.
  • Craft killer strategies from real gold: Use insights to create marketing strategies that grow your audience with your dream clients.
  • Create connections that stick: Turn casual chats into lasting relationships. You're not just selling; you're building a fan club.
  • Fine-tune your offerings: Get the kind of feedback that lets you tweak and perfect your offers until they scream ‘buy me!’

if your best CUSTOMER RESEARCH question is 'what keeps you up at night?' you gotta get my interview questions SO YOU GET REAL ANSWERS THAT HELP YOU MAKE BETTER MARKETING.




Who says you need a marketing degree to understand your customers? You don't...you just need The 25 Most In-person Customer Interview Questions. 

These questions are the result of decade of refining the art of customer communication, packaged in a no-fluff actionable guide for early-stage entrepreneurs. 

If you’re eager to build genuine connections, tailor your offerings, and enhance your marketing with strategies grounded in real customer feedback, then you’re exactly where you need to be...my guide prepares you to engage in meaningful dialogue that converts casual conversations into loyal customers.

So, gear up to turn those interactions into insights with this guide. A deeper understanding of your customers is just a click away. 

Rooting for you!

xo, Heather