Brand Basics for Savvy (and Scrappy) Startups




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Welcome to Brand Basics for Savvy (and Scrappy) Startups

Marketing pro and agency owner Heather Campbell guides you through her proven agency strategies to help savvy start-ups like you blast through marketing overwhelm to build the business – and life – you’ve been dreaming of. After you take this course, you’ll have a solid idea of who your customers are, your best competitive attributes and differentiators, how you’re uniquely suited to solve their problems and the ultimate payoff of working with you. And that is a beautiful thing. 

Get ready to meet your new best friend: your brand. In this intro video, I share why agencies like mine love brands. Because a brand makes life easier. For everyone. Especially you.

Get ready to take things up a notch. You'll end this course with a solid brand positioning statement and a solid understanding of who you are, how you create value, how you compete and why people should care. Boom and boom and boom. 

Meet your marketing mentor

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Heather Campbell is a nationally recognized branding and marketing expert who runs Double Dutch Creative, a successful marketing agency in Denver. Her heart breaks every time she sees a start-up suffer any sort of marketing overwhelm.So, she created The Agency Insighter, a collection of tools and resources where she share the same agency strategies she uses to set up her clients for success to help cool people like you build a business and life you love. 

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    I am so glad you’re here! Be sure to share your work with us!

  • It’s brand time and this looks perfect for me. Thanks.

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