Better Start Branding Week 5 :: Drive Customer Loyalty




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Piece of Cake

Welcome to Better Start Branding Week 5 :: Drive Customer Loyalty

This week we kick off our marketing strategy with two fantastic marketing strategies that will help you organize your business and your marketing: The Customer Journey and the Content F.E.E.D. Method. Get ready…you’re about to bloom! 

I’m rooting for you! xo, Heather

Radical Branding :: The Customer Journey + Winning Marketing Content Strategy

This week, things get tangible as we take all the concepts we've learned in the first three weeks in Radical Branding and transform them into a beautiful brand and great messaging that gives you a distinct personality in the market. Boom. 

In this intro, I'll cover what's on deck, share the brutal truth about marketing, and recap the components of a core marketing program. Run time: 14:00

When you know your MVC's customer journey, you'll have a full view of your long game with loads of context to organize how you want to show up and what marketing you need to support the journey. It's like the peanut butter and jelly of your marketing strategy.  Run time: 23:52

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Discover how to create a winning marketing content strategy that highlights your attributes, connects with your MVCs, and has a clear call to action. Run time: 24:37

Meet your marketing mentor

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Hey, I'm Heather Campbell.I’m an entrepreneur, agency owner, branding strategist, creative problem-solver, marketing sherpa, Pearl Jam fan, eternal optimist, avid gardener, and occasional foul mouth on a mission to equip you with a beautiful (and strategic) brand and a clear marketing roadmap that attracts the right people to your business.These are the same strategies I use with my agency clients to guide them to six- and seven-figure businesses all DIY’d for savvy and scrappy entrepreneurs just like you to help you build the right marketing foundation – in the right sequence! – to give you the context and confidence to build and promote a business that makes you happy, makes you money, and brings your good work to the world. Boom chicka boom I right?!?

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