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Intention. It's not just for marketing. It's also for your offer. Why? Because it's so important to be keenly focused on delivering results - for your business and your MVCs. That's how you create a profitable and sustainable business. This bonus will help you capture all the info you'll need to develop a kick-ass course and a solid marketing plan.

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Hey, I'm Heather Campbell.I’m an entrepreneur, agency owner, branding strategist, creative problem-solver, marketing sherpa, Pearl Jam fan, eternal optimist, avid gardener, and occasional foul mouth on a mission to equip you with a beautiful (and strategic) brand and a clear marketing roadmap that attracts the right people to your business.These are the same strategies I use with my agency clients to guide them to six- and seven-figure businesses all DIY’d for savvy and scrappy entrepreneurs just like you to help you build the right marketing foundation – in the right sequence! – to give you the context and confidence to build and promote a business that makes you happy, makes you money, and brings your good work to the world. Boom chicka boom I right?!?

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