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Welcome to Hey! I Want to Price on My Value!

When it comes to building your business, money can mess with your mind – and your bottom line. In this intro video, I show you how to right-size your relationship with money with a simple money mantra I use to blast money worries and create positive momentum to some serious profitability.

In this video course, I'll reveal agency strategies that will help you banish the urge to discount your pricing and and discover how to build pricing based on the value you uniquely create – and feel good about your asking price. By the end of this video, you'll know the pitfalls of discounting, tips for charging a premium and a simple methodology to help you nail down an hourly and project fee rate. Boom and boom. 

Meet your marketing mentor

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Heather Campbell is a nationally recognized branding and marketing expert who runs Double Dutch Creative, a successful marketing agency in Denver. Her heart breaks every time she sees a start-up suffer any sort of marketing overwhelm.So, she created HeyHeatherCampbell.com, a collection of tools and resources where she shares the same agency strategies she uses to help her clients to build six and seven-figure businesses to help cool people like you build a business and life you love. 

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