Better Start Branding Week 2:: Connect with Your Most Valuable Customers




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Welcome to Better Start Branding Week 2:: Connect with Your Most Valuable Customers

Knowing your brand value (that we covered last week) is a beautiful thing. And when you’re able to connect your brand attributes to your Most Valuable Customer (MVC) – someone who is most likely to buy, buy again and refer – something awesome happens. Paths become clearer. You create better products and services. You write better and more engaging content. And your marketing efforts seem to snap into place. Ready? Let’s jump into the hearts and minds of your most valuable customers. I’m rooting for you! xo, Heather

Better Start Branding :: Connect with Your Most Valuable Customers

Discover what makes a customer a most valuable customer, and how to avoid the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs make when it comes to customer discovery and research. 

This is when things get real! I'll show you the exact process we use at my agency to create MVC personal profiles for our clients that will give you a 360, holistic view of the people you want to invite into your business. 

All it takes is a little time and intention on your part to achieve some serious a-ha moments for your marketing. These 25 questions are designed to guide a great MVC interview with questions and answers that will inspire legit marketing insights. 

Meet your marketing mentor

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Hey, I'm Heather Campbell.I’m an entrepreneur, agency owner, branding strategist, creative problem-solver, marketing sherpa, Pearl Jam fan, eternal optimist, avid gardener, and occasional foul mouth on a mission to equip you with a beautiful (and strategic) brand and a clear marketing roadmap that attracts the right people to your business.These are the same strategies I use with my agency clients to guide them to six- and seven-figure businesses all DIY’d for savvy and scrappy entrepreneurs just like you to help you build the right marketing foundation – in the right sequence! – to give you the context and confidence to build and promote a business that makes you happy, makes you money, and brings your good work to the world. Boom chicka boom I right?!?

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