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Get bite-sized pro marketing tips each week that you can put into action in less than 5 minutes. For real. Because the little things add up to the big things. 


Take your copywriting up a notch with this easy hack

If you think your writing stinks, try this simple copywriting hack that will for sure take your writing up a notch. Or three. Or seven. 


I effed up. here's how to not do what i did.

Boy, do I hate it when I make a rookie mistake. Always learning, always learning. Here’s how to avoid what I just did. 


Get ready for a zoom hack that will save your next meeting

Here’s a surefire way to engage and connect with people in a whole new on your next Zoom call. Oh, plus it’s fun and memorable. And super easy to do. And way effective. 


2 easy questions that will get you amazing client testimonials

If asking for testimonials makes you want to heave, check out this video. I’m sharing a sure-fire way to get amazing testimonials by asking two easy questions that will untap some marketing mojo. 


One of the fastest ways to help people understand your brand

Brands make life easier. For everyone. Here’s one of the easiest ways to make it easy for people to understand what your brand is all about with a simple strategy I use all the time with my own clients. 


My 4 go-to websites for authentic images

We spend a lot of time at my agency curating the just right images for our projects. Here are my four go-to sites (that won’t break the bank!). 


How to be unstoppable

Feel like your marketing is all fits and starts?  Check out this video for a quick path to positive action that will have you feeling like quite the badass.


The fastest way to accelerate your business

Feeling a need for speed when it comes to your business? If you’re serious about it, here’s my sure-fire way to light a fire and get you going fast fast fast. 


Do a solid for your website

Is your website killing your business? Better check on that. Right now.


Tell that voice inside your head to shut the eff up

When you know what you don’t want, you absolutely, positively know what you do what. That’s how the whole don’t-want thing works — to help you find the positive space that inspires great marketing. 


Protect your brand name (and stay out of trouble)

If you landed on a name for your business, there are four things you need to do immediately. And you know I’m serious because I used bold, italics, and underline!