Tell me if this sounds like you...

You’re dreaming about starting a business that matters to live life on your own terms, but the thought of getting all the “business stuff” you need into place like a logo, messaging, website, a marketing and social media plan – customers! – makes your head pop off.

And you’re wondering, “where in the world do I even start?” 

You’re in the early stages of building your business but marketing feels more like a struggle than a strategy, and it feels like the other start-ups around you seem to effortlessly create cooler messaging and better marketing like no big deal. 

And you’re wondering “what is their secret?” 

You’re a bonafide business owner who’s taking action, but getting no traction. You’re working hard to market and promote your business, but you’re not getting sales. 

And you’re wondering, “am I doing something wrong?”

Well, today may just be your lucky day.

Let me let you in on a little something I learned over my 25-year marketing career: having great content that connects to your business goals, engages your target customers – and motivates them to buy what you’re selling – is imperative to your business success. It’s why at my agency, we always start with a solid content strategy to set up our clients for DIY content success.

Um…content strategy? That sounds complicated. 

But it doesn’t have to be. I put together Pro Tips to Create Content that Converts, a 15-minute video course that walks you step-by-step through the same method I use to set up entrepreneurs like you for content success with just a little bit of planning. 

This video course will empower you to a new way of thinking about content and equip you with a proven process to generate a seemingly endless stream of quality content that engages customers and motivates them to action. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Don’t wait another second struggling to create quality content.
Help is a click away. 


Pro Tips to Create Content that Converts is a free video course that shows you what agencies do to create quality content for their clients. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create content like a pro, too:

Intuitively connect content to your business goals.

You’ll know exactly what action you want your customers to take and build content to get them on the transaction path to buy your products or services.

Know exactly what to say to your target customers. 

You know your messaging, where to say it, and how it should look and feel, and when it should be served up. This is what we call a ‘content strategy’ in the biz. 

Easily plan and create quality content focused on your transaction path.

Create content that engages and motivates your customers to action at every point of their buying journey along your transaction path to make it easy for them to buy what you’re selling.

Amplify your brand voice to reach multiple audiences.

You give your brand new depth and dimension with specific messaging paths easily adapted to different audiences and marketing channels, so all paths lead to the transaction. 

"My mission is to share DIY agency strategies that give entrepreneurs the context and confidence to build a business – and market it to the people who need them."


Who is this Heather Campbell person anyway?

Heather Campbell is a nationally recognized branding strategist, creative problem-solver, digital marketing sherpa, communications expert, Pearl Jam fan, eternal optimist, avid gardener, and occasional foulmouth.

She started her branding and digital marketing agency, Double Dutch Creative, in 2014 after a successful career leading branding, marketing, and strategic communications programs for large, multi-billion-dollar companies.

Through, Heather shares real agency best practices that entrepreneurs can implement themselves to ensure a solid foundation upon which to build their business. 

You could say that she’s on a mission to help cool people like you get your business off the ground so you can do your good work for the people who need you.

You’ll find Heather to be straight-forward, resourceful, infectiously optimistic, honest, relatable, really fun, and a great advice-giver. Chances are, if you met her, you’d be friends.

Get instant access to my free video course that reveals the method I use to set up my clients for DIY content success. 

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