Branding 101. Or, why branding is business-building gold. (run time: 04:19)

Get ready to meet your business's new best friend: your brand. And if you're thinking that your business isn't brand worthy, think again. It's business-building gold.  

Run time: 04:19

  • Angela Swanson says:

    Thanks for the great kick-off to this video course! Good stuff already! One burning question… are you sitting on a bouncy ball??? 😂

  • Heather Campbell says:

    I am so glad you liked the course, Angela! I am sitting on a bouncy ball! 🙂 And I must get a little bouncy when I talk about branding!

  • Great intro video. I have an idea of what my customers have with me and my services but I haven’t put it in writing. Looking forward to the next video.

  • Heather Campbell says:

    That is awesome to hear! I know when I put myself through my own agency paces, it really helps to clarify what’s next. 🙂 I appreciate the feedback!

  • I love the thought of branding being the sum of your customer’s experience! Thank you Heather!

  • You look positively joyful for the experience your ‘clients’ are about to have. Infectious. Makes me want to start the course straightaway, which I am about to do.

  • Heather Campbell says:

    You are so nice to say that! I am so grateful to love what I do and I am glad it shows! 🙂 This comment made my day!

  • Thank you for clarifying logo & brandstory from “brand”. Helpful for this marketing novice!

  • Heather Campbell says:

    You bet, Lanae! Think about your brand as the cake, and the identity and story as the frosting. 🙂

  • Margarita Khosh says:

    Such a great intro with incredible value. I had no idea of the difference between brand logo, identity and story. I will definitely be taking the information to heart to update my business website and messaging. Thanks Heather!!

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