Better Start Branding Week 5 :: Power Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is very good for business, and this module is all about creating a memorable customer experience from initial contact through purchase and beyond to power some serious loyalty. We do this by knowing and planning our marketing around The Customer Journey and it's going to rock your world by making things super simple and super strategic - my favorite combo!







Super Strategic

Better Start Branding Week 5 :: Power Customer Loyalty

This is intro text into the modules:

Before we dig into The Customer Journey, we need to tee up the elements of a solid core marketing program so you can start connecting your strategy to real-world tactics. In this lesson, you'll discover the components of a solid marketing program that will serve you for years to come. (Run time: 15:19)

The Customer Journey gives you the ultimate long view of your MVCs entire journey with you so you can deliver a memorable, on-brand experience at each customer touchpoint and get your marketing house in order. This is powerful stuff that will supercharge and simplify your marketing - a beautiful combination! (Run time: 37:10)

This video walks you through the Customer Journey Work-it Sheet that will help you think through your on-brand experience for your MVCs and the marketing you need to support your goals. And - bonus! - I've even added in a special to-do list so you don't miss a marketing beat. (Run time: 12:42)