Better Start Branding Week 6 :: Engage and Nurture a List of Buyers

This week, we dig into the two imperatives when it comes to building and nurturing a list of cool people who happen to be buyers: a great opt-in and a clear promotion path that engages your most valuable customers.







When Things Get Real

Better Start Branding Week 6 :: Engage and Nurture a List of Buyers

This is intro text into the modules:

We kick off with a quick review of a solid core marketing program - and the purchase path for your MVCs so you can see how they move through your world from the initial point of contact through purchase. (Run time: 31:59)

Three little letters separate marketing content from just regular ol' content. And it's your CTA, or call to action. Here's how to train your marketing brain to always be thinking CTA...CTA...CTA!

Getting your opt-in right is the precursor to building a list of people who are more likely to buy because they've already received a taste of your impact. Discover pro strategies to help you build an opt-in that delivers.

The #1 most underrated marketing channel? Your own network of people who already know and like you. Discover one of my favorite strategies to connect with people who can help you advance your biz without feeling sleazy or salesy. (Run time: 12:44)

Social media is a legit marketing channel that can grow your community and your business in a meaningful way. Here's how we think about social in the marketing real world (because things on social can get pretty unreal pretty quickly). (Run time: 16:48)

Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your toolbox because you're not beholden to anyone. In this powerful lesson, you'll discover 17 ways to get people to open and read your emails and how to write those subject lines that get people a-clickin'! (Run time: 23:13)

Creating video content and seeking guest spots on established podcasts is a great way to expand your reach and engage your MVCs. Get your video and podcast pro tips here. (Run time: 09:10)

Before you spend one penny on a paid ad, you want to be sure you have some things in place. (Run time: 10:39)