Radical Branding Week 7 :: Create Awareness








Piece of Cake

This week we’re getting the word out – quite literally – by getting your core marketing program sorted and working together to develop a 30-day marketing roadmap that will guide your efforts for months and years to come. Get ready for some great strategies that as manageable as they are effective. 

I’m rooting for you! xo, Heather

Radical Branding Week 7 :: Create Awareness

This is intro text into the modules:

Look, self-promotion is hard. So that's why we've spent the last 6 weeks loading up your toolkit with branding and marketing concepts that help to take away the emotion around self-promotion. This week, we'll focus on our marketing tactics - how we'll quite literally get the word out - and one of the most important things you'll ever perfect in your marketing: the call to action.Run timeb: 18:51

Your network may just be the best marketing channel...right under your nose! Here's a sure-fire way to work your network to advance your business. Run time: 10:36

My goal in marketing - and life really – is no surprises (unless we're surprising our moms for their birthdays). Knowing your content platforms goes a long way in keeping surprises at bay because you can anticipate what you need to have in place.Run time: 05:49 

Social media. I have a love / hate with it...mostly love because it's a pretty amazing marketing channel - when you know how to use it as a marketing channel. Here's what you need to know to have a core program that has you shine on social. Run time: 37:48

Your email list and program are the crown jewel of your marketing program. It's the people who've already said yes to you and who want to know you better. Email is a great way to build those meaningful relationships with your MVCs to build trust in you and your brand so when it comes time for your offer, they're more inclined to work with you. This module includes my pro tips to set up a core email program that does just that.Run time: 44:49

Find your voice – and your MVCs! – by doing your own videos and seeking podcast guest spots to get your message out to a wider audience. Run time: 16:30

Here are my pro tips for how to prep to advertise so you can make the absolute most out of every penny of your investment.Run time: 15:34

You'll be a Radical Branding free agent soon so I want to equip you with a 30-day roadmap to put all the concepts and strategies you've learned into a solid and manageable core marketing program that will drive leads and grow your business. Here's how to prep for our meeting next week. Run time: 9:15