Better Start Branding Branding Week 3: Design Your Winning Offer

Here's the truth, Ruth: You gotta have a winning offer to have a profitable and successful business. Here's how to craft one for your business.







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Better Start Branding Branding Week 3: Design Your Winning Offer

This is intro text into the modules:

Being intentional isn't just for your marketing. There's a huge payoff when you're as intentional with your offer, and it simplifies your marketing by pulling the thread through the entire offer experience. This is important and strategic work - we gotta be profitable to be sustainable in our business. (Run time: 12:59)

Just like in marketing, there's an Order to Your Offer Operations, too, to ensure that you're pulling the thread through the entire experience, starting with your MVCs and then aligning everything else to power your goals. I also share a very cool construct that could help you generate more revenue more quickly: the Reverse Profit Pyramid. (Run time: 20:10)

This is where the rubber hits the road. We'll go deep to design a winning offer and opt-in that will fuel our marketing, and our messaging. Get a full 360-view of your business to bring the best offer to your MVCs can't wait to buy. (Run time: 15:43)

I've created this Google Spreadsheet for you to use forever anytime you contemplate a new offer in your business. This is an amazing tool to ensure you have a fulll 360 of your offer, from the features to the transformation. (Run time: 08:15)