Better Start Branding: Protect Your Profits, Charge What You're Worth

Oh, if only money weren't part of our busiess-building reality.... Oh, but it is, because your business must be profitable to be sustainable. In this powerful bonus training, you'l discover new ways to think about money and value to protect your profits and charge what you're worth (and feel really good about it).







Challenging But Worth It

Better Start Branding: Protect Your Profits, Charge What You're Worth

This is intro text into the modules:

Money can be a tricky son-of-a-gun when it comes to your business. In this powerful bonus training, you'll learn some very cool and very effective strategies to right-size your relationship with money to command a premium in the market. (Run time: 04:06)

This is a great tool to have in your back pocket any time money woes crop up to shift your focus from the WTF to wow this is cool. (Run time: 09:50)

Discounting never works the way you think it will. So don't do it. Here's why. (Run time: 07:12)

We'll condense our brand positioning statement from Week 1 into the most powerful sentence you'll ever write for your business. (Run time: 03:21)

This is where the rubber hits the road and we get to work on pricing. But this isn't just any ol' pricing exercise. This is one that takes into account all the goodness you bring to the table. This is powerful work that has untapped tens of thousands of dollars for my clients and students. (Run time: 20:34)