Better Start Branding Week 7 :: Design Your Marketing Roadmap

Home stretch! This week, we lay the groundwork for planning and measuring your core marketing to ensure it's supporting like business goals. This is where all your hard work in Better Start Branding comes together. So. Here. We. Go. 







Totally Doable

Better Start Branding Week 7 :: Design Your Marketing Roadmap

This is intro text into the modules:

Your marketing roadmap is like a GPS for your business, giving your turn-by-turn directions to marketing that supports your business goals. In this lesson, you'll learn how to design your marketing roadmap to ensure you're producing quality marketing like a boss. (Run time: 18:51)

There's a real thing in this world called "analysis paralysis" where you get so overwhelmed with data that it keeps you stuck in place. Which is troublig because you must measure your marketing. All that changes here with Laser Focused Metrics. In it, I share a powerful way to collect metrics without overwhelm so you can marry data with intuitiom to get really really good at marketing. Do this for 90 days and see how it up-levels your biz. (Run time: 24:03)