I see this question come up all the time: do I really need a website to start my business?

And some people will tell you, “No! Just get started!” And I get that. Get going. Don’t let creating a website slow you down. 

But I disagree with that advice. Here’s why:

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing platform. It’s profoundly foundational to your business. And having a website when you start makes everything else that comes after so much easier. From my perspective, starting to market without a website is like frosting a cake and then realizing, “Oh wait, I need to bake the cake.” You can imagine how tricky that would be. 

It’s always better to bake the cake and then frost it. 

Check out this video from my Facebook Lives with my pro tips on why a website is a must-have in your business before you start marketing. 

Check out the transcript right here:

Hey guys, happy Friday. It’s Heather Campbell and today I am going on the record and something that’s not controversial but a little bit. It’s sometimes when I hear this marketing advice it gives me that little twitch in my eye because it’s whether or not you should have a website when you’re starting your business.

And I am one of those marketing people that is like, yes, you need a website before you start marketing or promoting your business at least some sort of simple website presence, 100% and here’s why. Number one, you’re going to need one anyway. And a website truly serves as the hub of your entire marketing program. If you think about a bicycle, it’s like the hub, the middle of that. And then all the different marketing components come off of that. So it’s so foundational and it’s so much better to go out with your business having a web presence then trying to retro fit that.

Starting to market your business before you have a website is like frosting a cake and then realizing, “Oh wait, I need to bake the cake.” 

That would be like frosting a cake and then realizing, Oh wait, I need to bake the cake. You can imagine how tricky that would be to retrofit. That’s sort of like building your website after you’ve started some initial marketing because a website, number two, a website, if nothing else is going to force you to message and it’s going to force you to work through some of your initial marketing messaging, it’s going to give you some practice for how do you speak to your customers. It’s going to make you choose colors and fonts and photos and things like that that help to establish your brand vibe and your personality. And believe me, that is like your recipe for future landing pages, email marketing, anything that comes beyond that.

Again, trying to retrofit that is like frosting a cake and thinking, “Oh my gosh, that’s right..I got to bake the cake first.

A website, too, gives you complete and total credibility. I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking up someone’s business online and I Google them and all they have is a Facebook page or some sort of jenky landing page, I really do not go any further with them. I just think something’s not right in their business if they can’t even figure out how to have a website. Plus it’s very frustrating to me to not be able to go to some place designed to engage me and provide more information. So my relationship with most businesses and if they don’t have a website and I don’t have stats on that but I’m sure I’ll find a stat and I’ll update the comments with it. And, and finally a website makes you super official, right? When you have a website and you have a website on your card, it just makes you like a legit straight-up business and that feels really, really good.

So this is why I love having a website and I’m saying, yes, you need a website before you do any marketing for your business.

You’re going to need one anyway. It’s so foundational to every single thing that you do. It’s going to help you put together your initial messaging and the overall look and feel and vibe of your brand, which is going to make everything that comes after that. Oh my gosh. So much easier.

Look at how I just pause because it’s just, I can’t even contemplate not having a website and having a marketing program, trying to try to build a marketing program, trying to frost that cake without a cake underneath that. It gives you a tremendous amount of credibility and allows you to engage and inform your customers in a, in a space where they expect to be engaged and informed. And again, it’s so foundational to what you do.

It’s going to help you build a really good and solid marketing program. Think about that, middle of that, a little middle hub of a bike and all those little spokes that come off of it. Those are your little marketing tactics. So yes, my opinion is yes, you need a website.

Now some people, people think their head is going to explode, but when I say you need a website, it can just be a simple one page website that has an image, a little description of your company, an overview of your products, services, and just an easy way to contact you. There are lots of great self-serve platforms like Squarespace or Wix or Weebly, Wordpress.com. So there are lots of good resources out there that are very, very easy to use and very, very self-serve. Virtually all of them offer templates that you can simply customize. And there are about a bazillion tutorials on YouTube that help you walk through any troubleshooting if you run into any issues with those platforms, they really are super easy to use and they’re really designed for startups.

It gives you, just in that spirit, it gives you also a place to get your tech chops in place and get a little experience on the technology front and getting that foundation in place before you start trying to drive traffic and momentum to your business. You want to be like that baseball catcher ready for them without a website. You’re just sort of pitching that ball and I don’t know what your, I don’t know…I don’t know where you’re ultimately thinking about. But again, you need a website before you start marketing or promoting your business.

So with that I am out of here. I feel like my opinion has been made abundantly clear. Hope you guys have had an awesome week. Today is my third week anniversary of doing my Facebook lives. I just want to thank everyone so much for your support, your comments, your engagement for just simply watching. It has been so much fun, and I will see it here tomorrow at noon, and please know that there’s someone in Denver, Colorado who is sitting here just 100000% rooting for you. Take it easy guys, and have a great day. Bye bye!