100% Satisfaction Guarantee

epiphany comes with a 100% Risk-free Guarantee. It is my sincerest hope that your marketing, our business, and your life are forever transformed by the skills and strategies you learn here. I take this work very seriously and will be here to support you every step of the way. Likewise, I  expect you to give your very best effort...the kind that’s worthy of this kind of investment in yourself, your business and your future. That’s why we request your completed coursework to be eligible for your 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If after two weeks you feel that you are not getting value out of the epiphany program, simply submit your completed coursework by June 18 at 5 pm ET and we’ll refund your course fee straightaway. To be clear, your coursework must be completed and received by the deadline in order to receive the refund. 

I am confident that epiphany will change the way you think about your business, your brand, and marketing forever. The skills and strategies you learn here will give you a solid foundation to build a business that makes you happy, makes you money, and brings your good work to the world. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Enroll in epiphany today.