Customize Your Epiphany Website

This video training will show you exactly how to customize your epiphany website to your brand and business, step-by-step. And I'm here to tell you that you can customize and build a beautiful website in a couple of days - even if you're not tech-y, even if you're not a graphic designer, even if you're thinking, "there's no way in the world I can build a website on my own!" 

Be sure to have your:

  • > Wordpress login
  • > Your website content from your Work-It Sheets
  • > Your sized images ready to roll (p.s. here's a link to the epiphany image sizer)

I'm rooting for you!

xo, Heather

19 Lessons

1000% Doable


Not started

Build 30 days of great social content in about an hour

If coming up with great content for social media marketing makes your head hurt, this short course is sure to fix that! Marketing pro and agency owner Heather Campbell shares her best agency shortcuts and a super-cool tool that will have you building out 30 days of great social content in about an hour. For reals. After you take this course, you'll have a set of content themes and the roadmap to do what the pros do so you can create social content like boom boom boom. And shine online. And that is a beautiful thing. 

1000% Doable

How to (Really) Give Yourself Credit

Getting a solid mindset in place is key to a successful business. In this video course, I share my own a-ha moments from my own start-up journey and one of my favorite exercises to put some awesome tools in your mindset toolbox. 

Difficulty: Absolutely Doable

How to Get Paid What You're Worth

When it comes to building your business, money can mess with your mind - and your bottom line. In this intro video, I show you how to right-size your relationship with money with a simple money mantra I use to blast money worries and create positive momentum to some serious profitability.

Difficulty: Absolutely Doable

Brand Basics for Savvy (and Scrappy) Startups

Marketing pro and agency owner Heather Campbell guides you through her proven agency strategies to help savvy start-ups like you blast through marketing overwhelm to build the business – and life – you've been dreaming of. After you take this course, you'll have a solid idea of who your customers are, your best competitive attributes and differentiators, how you're uniquely suited to solve their problems and the ultimate payoff of working with you. And that is a beautiful thing. 

2 Lessons

Difficulty: Absolutely Doable


Not started

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