How to (Really) Give Yourself Credit

1 Lesson Difficulty: Absolutely Doable

About this course

Getting a solid mindset in place is key to a successful business. In this video course, I share my own a-ha moments from my own start-up journey and one of my favorite exercises to put some awesome tools in your mindset toolbox. 

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  • I feel so much lighter and more focused after this activity. When I say goodbye to my fears and anxieties, I feel so much freer to be myself without constraints and fully put my best self energy into pursuing my dreams. I loved speaking to my persistence. It reminded me of all the things I’ve been through and persevered over and how I can totally take on the ups and downs of starting a business. Especially with your help! Thanks Heather!

  • Heather Campbell says:

    It’s such a pleasure to know you – I am so excited for you and what’s to come for you and all the people you are going to help! xo, Heather

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