prep for success in ai brand cap

AI brand camp tech check: YOUR AI QUICK-START GUIDE

We'll make sure your tech is ready to roll when you start AI Brand Camp.

AI brand camp tech check:

Hey there, future marketing mogul! Ready to untap your brand's buzz? That's a very good call.

Let’s get your AI toolkit ready so you hit the ground running with your AI assistants.

STEP #1.
Add AI BRAND CAMP to your calendar

If you haven't already, add AI Brand Camp to your calendar so it can be a scheduled priority for you. 

Add AI Brand Camp to your calendar:

Apple Google Outlook Office 365 Yahoo

STEP #2.

There are a lot of options when it comes to AI; for AI Brand Camp, we’ll be working in ChatGPT 4. There is a $20 monthly charge - but it’s worth it. Creating an account is as easy as pie. A really, really easy pie. 

STEP #3.

Your browser’s about to get some serious upgrades with Google Chrome . If you’re not already using it, be sure to download it so you can install some add-ons that seriously up-level your ChatGPT experience. 

STEP #4.
GET THEse three google EXTENSIONS

Extensions are free add-ons that make Google and ChatGPT about 1,000 times more effective. Download and install these before AI Brand Camp so you can hit the ground running:

Save your ChatGPT to PDF 

  • This little beauty saves your chats into PDFs, a feature that will blow your mind.
  • My pick: Save ChatGPT as PDF
  • Click here to install it:

Get a ChatGPT PDF reader

  • We’re going to put this to good use to help you
    up-level your ChatGPT.
  • My pick: ChatGPT PDF | Ask Your PDF
  • Click here to install it:

Get a ChatGPT voice-to-text microphone

  • Adding a voice-to-text feature will have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!?”
  • My pick: ChatGPT Microphone
  • Click here to install it:

STEP #5.
RAMP UP FOR AI brand camp

Why settle for passive learning when you can get right into the thick of it? Join our live no questions left unanswered hot seat calls every Thursday and experience the energy firsthand. Being there live means you're part of the buzz, the laughs, the ‘aha!’ moments, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of marketing history:

  • Got burning questions? I’ve got the stone-cold answers YOU'RE LOOKING FOR. 
    Propel your progress with direct insights from a legit branding and marketing! 
  • Networking? More like net-bonding...
    Something cool happens in my programs...people make friends, collaborate together, and even start businesses together. It's pretty special. Plus, they won't roll their eyes when you start talking shop. 
  • A power-up for your biz, not just a pep talk.
    Every hot seat call is a shot of espresso for your business strategy. You'll leave each call not just motivated but armed with practical strategies that translate directly to your bottom line. 

* Don't worry...I won't be doing any singing.